Mark Robertson

Energy EFT Master Practitioner & EMO Practitioner in Breuilpont, France
Mark Robertson


 Hello  My name is Mark Robertson .

I  left Houston Texas for Paris France in September 1983 with a tourist visa and a contract as a fashion model thus allowing me to finance my studies in the fields of Bio-energetics, T.M.C., and personal development during my first 10 years in France.

For the last 25 years I have practiced acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing, EFT, in individual and group sessions and have co-animated energy training workshops with my wife Renée in our own approach, “H.E.A.T. Holistic energy Alignment Tool” (energy protocols for cellular deprogramming), we attended the  10th annual Emotrance Conference in April 2012, where I presented my “Energy Drum Circle Experience” we also participated in the EmoTrance Practitioner Training and Trainers Training and have recently passed my Master Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann.

15 years ago I built my first personal Shaman drum and found a way to synchronize it with my waveform, that is to say my height divided by the number of sides of the Drum, which was 8, so 1m86 divided by 8 = 23.25cm for each side.

The sound and feeling of this Drum was very therapeutic and since then I have built assisted adults and children, in waking up the voice of many consecrated personal Shaman Drums in this way.

I have integrated the powerful resonances of Shamanic Drum Rhythms with EFT to facilitate alignment, general health, and the deprogramming of negative ancestral memories within the DNA in individual and workshop sessions.

 Mark at The AMT Energy Conference November 2011


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